Digital Track Through The Lens

On this Tuesday night at Astor Row cafe in Harlem I finally decided to start a new website/gallery/blog to get my own space and strain apart from my other social media windows. I really liked having my gallery hosted on 500px because it proposes a stylish way of presenting the photographs and they get embeded in its own social media structure which makes it easy to broadcast quality photography and get feedback from numerous talented artists. My step today is an attempt to have my own web place that I have control on and that I will link to other social media network but no matter what it will remain my little piece of land wether or not I cut the rope with social networks. I will try to present my photographs with a short story, at least a few words, the context (geographical, inspirational...) in which they were taken and what they might inspire me. There are many ways to consider photography. Many people think that a photo should stand by itself. That works sometimes when the subject is really strong or when the interpretation seems manifold. I appreciate that conception but I also think that most of the photographs gain much interest when they are placed in context. That I am sure will open discussions. Well... now it's time for me to explore my hard drive and dig out what will constitute my memory trace.


Digital self-reflection